Samay-asia Pressfeeds & Coil Automation Company.


Mechanical Gripper Feeders

Samay-Asia mechanical gripper feeders are perfect solution for feeding strips on medium/high speed presses.

Standard Features :

  • Accurate and easy pitch adjustment.
  • Transmission through bevel gear box and cardon shaft from the press lubrication oiling by grease nipple.
  • Accuracy of ±20 micron with mechanical pilot synchronization.
  • The grippers are made out of carbide of give long life and reduced maintenance.
  • All rotating parts are fitted with   anti friction   bearings to give long life and reduced maintenance.
  • Easy setting of pitch length.
  • High speed of up to 600 strokes per minute.
  • Roller cam for pilot release setting, which give great precision in adjustment of the fixed gripper.
  • All adjustments are easily reached.
  • Quick opening of the ripper for the strip insertion.
  • Release of the fixed gripper for die piloting order to obtain & accurate positioning at high speed.
  • Adjustment for various thicknesses be means knuckled knobs placed at the upper part of the feed.
  • Mounting stand bracket and Cascade roll basket.

Details :

  • Samay-Asia Decoiler cum straightener 2 in 1 style improves factory usable space.
  • Lower transition procedure in precision material straightening process and play machine usability maximally.
  • The straightener adopts the cardon joints and gear transmission, which can effectively prevent upper gears stop the materials.
  • Rollers adopt the solid bearing steel and had chrome platting treatment.
  • All roller made of D2 steel, have all been quenched, hard chrome platted and grinded with HRC 620.
  • The additional back pressure wheel enables the straightening result much better.


Model No. Strip width (mm) Feed length (mm) Strip Thickness max. (mm) Speed max. S.P.M.
S-A/Gf-I 10-130 10-130 0.1-2.5 650
S-A/Gf-II 10-200 10-200 0.1-2.2 525
S-A/GF-III 25-300 25-300 0.2-2.10 400
S-A/GF-III 25-300 25-300 0.2-2.10 400
S-A/GF-IV 30-400 30-400 0.2-2.10 250